World War 2 Interview Questions

Did a family member service in the war? Interview them about their World War 2 experiences. You might also want to check out this article on researching a family member’s involvement in World War 2 or this expert advice on WW2 family research.

A Brief History of WWII

This 16-page e-text makes for a good introduction or refresher on World War II history.

World War II Timeline

A detailed calendar of the key events of the war from the German invasion of Czechoslovakia to the Japanese surrender.

World War II History by Nation

Basic information on the role of nearly every nation directly involved in the war from Albania to Yugoslavia.

World War II Index/Glossary of Terms

Definitions and links for common military acronymns, uncommon lingo, and proper names from Aachen and AAF to Wehrmacht and WIA.

The Congressional Medal of Honor

Fascinating, inspiring stories and details about the 440 American heroes who were recognized with the Congressional Medal of Honor. There are separate pages for almost every battle and campaign of the war.

The Ardennes: December 16, 1944

In “The Longest Winter: The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of WWII’s Most Decorated Platoon” Alex Kershaw tells the tale of the 394th’s I&R; platoon. Here are two meaty excerpts from this new book.

The National World War II Memorial

Few people realize that the WWII memorial that opened in Washington on Memorial Day, 2004, was seventeen years in the making. For many veterans, it was “their last battle.”


Resources and links on Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of occupied Europe that 60 years ago on D-Day, June 6, 1944. We just added two new features:

  • The Bedford Boys’ Ultimate Sacrifice
    Nineteen boys from one small American town — Bedford, Virginia — died in the first minutes of D-Day. In the new book “The Bedford Boys,” Alex Kershaw tells the story that inspired the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” This is an engaging excerpt.
  • The First Infantry Division on D-Day
    Here is the story of the famous Big Red One on D-Day: how they got to Omaha Beach, and how they were tested there.

Band of Brothers PosterBand of Brothers

The heroic paratroopers of Easy Company were made famous by the late Stephen Ambrose and the terrific Band of Brothers HBO mini-series now on DVD. Read this e-chapter from the original book, including the story of how they routed two full companies of Germans, their night rescue of British paratroopers, and more.

WWII Image Gallery

Browse WWII posters, prints, and WWII clip art, including a collection of posters issued by the U.S. government. Some seem appropriate for our own time (such as “United We Win” and “Rosie the Riveter’s “We Can Do It!”, and some are just fun to browse (“When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler!”).

Patton in North Africa

This excerpt from Douglas Porch’s new 2004 book “The Path to Victory: The Mediterranean Theater in World War II” describes the flamboyant, controversial George Patton in his mission “to kick II Corps in the butt.”

The Burma Road

In his recent book, “The Burma Road”, Donovan Webster vividly recreates the missions and adventures of Vinegar Joe Stilwell and others who served in the China-India-Burma theater in World War II. It’s a entertaining, informative read. Here’s an excerpt.

Battle of MidwayCodebreaking and the Battle of Midway

How codebreaking enabled the decisive American victory at Midway — the dramatic battle that halted Japanese expansion in its tracks and changed the path of history.

America’s Elite Troops

An introduction to the AirborneGlidersRangers, and 1st Special Service Force.